5 Tips to Help Nail That Interview

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    You have finally nailed it, an interview for the ultimate dream job. Exactly what you were hoping for. You sent in your killer resume and cover letter and got that call!

    Now comes the anxiety, the worry, the STRESS and all the “if’s” for your upcoming day -

    What if I not good enough?

    What if I don’t answer the questions the way they want?

    What if I don’t get this job?

    And the most important question of all: How can I nail this Interview & land this job?

    You need to stop putting all the emphasis on the lies you tell yourself that break you down, and build your confidence so you can go into this interview with your head held high. There are multiple ways to help you make sure you get through that interview, showing your true self and why you are the absolute best person for this job!

    1. The Lie: Not Good Enough

    First of all, stop telling yourself this. You are you, and that means that you are no better or worse than anyone else out there, let alone anyone else who’s applying and interviewing for your dream job. It’s hard not to let the “imposter syndrome” or self-doubt creep in, but step back and look at the bigger picture. There is a reason that you’ve been chosen for this interview. Obviously, something in your resume and/or cover letter stood out to the hiring manager(s), and they contacted you because of it. Take the time to focus only on that.

    Now, if you dread interviewing, there are some simple ways to deal with that as well, but if the reason you feel this way is the thought that you’re not fit, get that thought out of your head!

    2. Can’t Answer Questions Right

    There is no one way to be the best at interviewing. It all boils down to confidence and ability to answer questions on the spot. Take some time to prep yourself if you’re concerned about certain questions that may be asked. There are numerous tools and resources you can utilize to assist you with common interview questions that can help you prepare ahead of time, so if you’re anxious, do this for yourself!

    Get a friend or a co-worker, someone you can bounce ideas off of, or have them do a “mock” interview for you so you can feel more at ease going in. Practicing ahead of time will always help with feeling more confident and ready to face your big day.

    Look over the job description - this is a job you truly want, after all, so you should be familiar with the requirements and desires of the company. Familiarize yourself with the company as well so that you can go into the interview having a good background of knowledge.

    3. Job Woes & “What-Ifs”

    Sure, there’s a chance you might not get this job. But if you go into your interview with this mindset, it’s almost a definite that you won’t get it. You have to think of yourself as being the most qualified, the best candidate for this position.

    Again, this goes back to your mindset. Get yourself in the right frame of mind to tackle this interview, knowing that you are the person that this company needs to hire. Dismiss all of the doubt, all of the scenarios where you don’t get the job. DON’T set yourself up for failure!

    There are many ways you can take the time to research how to impress when in an interview, and this in conjunction with preparing yourself with questions will help to guide and aid you.

    4. Etiquette

    A proper introduction and conclusion are just as important as the “meat” of the interview. You want to present yourself in a way that makes you seem both professional and approachable. Remember these simple tips: introduce yourself, shake hands, and don’t forget to shake hands and THANK your interviewee before you exit.

    There are many ways you can thank someone; just saying “thank you” is ok, but you can drive a little more of an impression by saying something along the lines of “Thank you so much for your time,” or “thank you, I truly appreciate that opportunity” or even a more confident line, “Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

    Etiquette also extends to what you wear; make sure you are careful here. You’ve heard the expression of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This cliche is ever-so-true, so pay attention to it! If you’re going to interview to be an executive, don’t show up in your khaki and golf-shirt country club job attire. This may sound fairly obvious, but you would be extremely surprised how people view what you wear as a reflection on you!

    5. Follow-up

    This is always a topic of controversy: after the interview, do you follow-up, and if so, how long do you wait?

    Sometimes the company will tell you that they will be getting back to you next week or in “x” amount of days. In this case, don’t shoot a follow-up email or phone call until that time has come and gone. Typically, most hiring managers are fairly quick in their decision making, so if they didn’t give you a specific time, give yourself about 7-10 business days before attempting a thank you follow-up.

    This doesn’t show desperation; on the contrary, it shows that you care and want to make sure you’re covering your bases so that you don’t miss an important opportunity. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; just simply a phone call to (once again) thank the interviewee, mentioning what you enjoyed discussing, and ask if there anything else that s/he might need from you is simple enough. Or, if you prefer email, just a quick note to thank him/her, mentioning a tidbit about the interview, and ask if there is anything else they might desire.

    There are multiple reasons why conducting a follow-up is a good idea but here’s a big one: It immediately puts you in the front of the manager’s mind, because if they had multiple interviews chances are they might not have gone through all of the candidates and it will help you to stand out right away. It also provides you with an approximate timeframe in which you can expect a response if you didn’t get one during the initial interview.

    Be Confident; You GOT This!

    Interviewing is a stressful time, and the waiting after can be even more torturous, but if it’s for the job you truly want taking some of this advice will be a great asset to helping you do well in your interview and getting the job you want. Best of Luck!