Busting The Myths of Job Searching

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    Let me let you in on a little secret: tons of companies are still hiring.myths vs reality job search

    But, right now in the midst of this pandemic, if a company has decided to hire for a specific position, it’s because they’ve determined that particular role is essential to the growth (or survival) of the company.

    (Spoiler alert: it’s always been that way. Companies don’t hire
    you because YOU need a job, they hire you because you provide a solution to their problems.

    Are you one of those job seekers that assume getting a new job is all about you?

    WAKE UP! The truth is that the decision to hire for a role is never about the candidate's needs as much as it’s about the company’s needs.

    Thinking it’s all about you is the biggest mistake you can make when looking for a new job, especially right now in a slow job market when the competition is intense. Yes, your career is about you, but the hiring process is not.

    It's time to shift your focus if you want to increase your chances of landing a new role you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

    What are some other myths of job searching that need to be busted?

    • Employers have all the power. 
      As we just stated, there is some truth to employers having power - they can hire and fire, but their concern is finding the right candidate to help them succeed.

      Job candidates often give the employer too much power regarding their career decisions. As a job candidate, you have an equal amount of power, if not more, in asking hard questions in the interview and accepting the offer!
      FYI - Taking a job to quit job searching is not a good reason. Make sure the offer matches most of your goals.

    • The best qualified job candidates land job offers. 

      Even though some candidates might have the most amazing qualifications, skills and education, employers still complain about not finding the “right” candidate.

      I hate to break it to you, but it's not necessarily the best qualified candidates that land job offers.


      Yes, it’s the candidates who have a greater sense of self-awareness (ie Emotional Intelligence) and know how to influence the hiring decision maker. What you may not know is that you have more power to influence an employer by the way you behave before, during and after an interview.

    • If you can’t find the right job, it’s because it doesn’t exist. 

      Oh how I loathe this myth! It's been circulating for YEARS and this fear is a result of those who rely on advertised job postings.

      It has been true for years that most jobs are not advertised, less than 20% of candidates actually find jobs through visible job postings. Most jobs are actually found through networking, employee referrals, or professional associations.

      My advice? Don't waste more than 10% of your time in your job search finding and applying to those job boards. 

    • Most job candidates know how to conduct a job search

      The truth is most people use job search techniques that worked in the past. It takes a full tool box to perform an effective job search today.

      So what is a job seeker to do?

      Plan to use a diverse job search approach by developing a good LinkedIn profile, various forms of your resume, personal branding documents and research companies like crazy.

      But make sure to stay flexible in your approach. If one area is not producing results, it's ok to change it! Using the same job search method repeatedly will most likely produce the same outcomes.

      Job searching isn't hard, but you do need to be consistent and persistent, utilizing effective tools. Keep an open mind towards doing things differently and you will increase your effectiveness!

      * Remember this.....If you want to land a new role during the pandemic, you must be sure to avoid the mistake of focusing too much on you in the hiring process. Things have changed, so you must be willing to change too.