How to Come Out Strong in Your Job Search

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    In everyone of you, lives a strong, confident and poised professional. 
    You are bold. You are worthy. 
    I want you to STOP dismissing yourselves and the value you add to this world. STOP pretending to be anything but brilliant, capable and fabulous. 
    The world so desperately NEEDS intelligent men and women like you to own your power and contribute your talents - and when you do? EVERYONE benefits!
    I know this isn't my typical blog article, but I need you to read this one today and take it to heart. 
    Too many of you are living in fear of not knowing what to do and where to go next with your career. Perhaps it's because of a traumatic event, such as a lay-off or loss of a loved one. Or because you haven't made peace with past circumstances. Or maybe (be honest with yourself here), you are naive to the way life really works. 
    But, once you see how ALL of those issues, circumstances, situations, challenges - every single life event - have happened FOR you, not TO YOU...that is when you will truly understand that you have been prepared for an amazing purpose - and that includes your career! job search
    So where do you start in determining the value YOU add?
    1. Realize that a closed door is actually a new direction
    Got fired? GREAT! Chances are you really didn't like that job, but you weren't gutsy enough to resign. Therefore, there was a divine intervention made for you. Use that situation as an opportunity to dive into what you really need to be doing for this world. 
    COVID has been a wonderful opportunity for us to all slow down (and I hope you have used the time to do just that!). Time to welcome change, embrace it and see how your life can be a blessing in much bigger ways. 
    We live in an abundant world, believe it or not. There IS a perfect career out there for you.
    2. Get a pleasing disposition
    A pleasing disposition isn't just about having a positive attitude. It's about developing emotional maturity to maintain optimism when these crazy situations land in our laps!
    Open your wonderful mind to the endless possibilities of ideas, solutions and abundance. 
    I was interviewing one of my mentors on my podcast this week and she spoke quite a bit to listing out all the possibilities of your circumstance. Are you struggling with finances? List out all the ways you've been blessed and then all the solutions to get you out of the mess! Lost your job? Same thing - what all can you do that will change that circumstance?
    When you have a pleasing or optimistic disposition about your circumstances, solutions come.
    3. Accept your assignment
    Have you ever thought about your career purpose like this - how many lives would be positively impacted if you decided to play big?
    When you accept your assignment, when you know the value you add, you literally get out of your own way of limited thinking and become available to show up for your role and for the people of this world. 
    4. Rise to the occasion and communicate
    Once you have got your mind right, that pleasing position, and accepted your assignment, you need to let the world know who you are and what you can do right?! We can't just sit behind out phones or computers and hope a company will find us. Or hope by just submitting a resume through an online system that people will be absolutely amazed and call you immediately. 
    Your job now is to clearly articulate YOUR story and YOUR message, using a strategy. Yes, a strategy. You can't just randomly communicate your story and message. 
    I know it can be scary to put yourself and your value out there because we don't always know how the world is going to respond. This is where I need you to NEVER disqualify yourself. Carry yourself through any obstacle with grace. But here's the key - you have to start doing SOMETHING! That's how we improve our confidence levels, which I know so many people are struggling with right now. 
    So what does that action plan look like?
    I always say to start with journaling (here are the journal prompts I use). Journaling allows us to reach into ourselves (and it's almost secretive) and pull out our deepest desires. When journaling, you'll find who you are, what you like and don't like and what your passions are. Don't ignore them!
    Then you need to get an action plan in place for your job search. Find a solid career coach to assist you in setting a strategic and clear plan in place. Otherwise, you'll be wasting a lot of time and effort on things that don't matter much!
    “Be so good they can't ignore you” — Steve Martin, actor & comedian
    Once your mind is set, what really matters is identifying the areas where you feel you can add value — both within and outside of your area of expertise — and where you feel you can make a positive impact.