Is the competition for jobs too high in 2020?

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    I've always been a rebel.
    I always questioned teachers - "Why do we have to learn that and what do we have to learn it THAT way?"
    In high school, I was told my classmates that I'd never amount to a successful engineer. I was out to prove them wrong. I WAS a GREAT engineer and ended up becoming so much more. 
    I didn’t take no OR failure for an answer.
    I didn’t cave in because of the stats (being in a male-dominated field) or stories of other people’s careers not working out in similar fields.
    I never believe in the “safe” route.
    I tuned it all out and walked the path I was supposed to walk.
    The rebel in me hasn’t quite gone away.
    That’s why each of these last few weeks after reading the discouraging, fearful, hopeless, and waste-of-time career articles, I got frustrated!
    I knew I had to tell you the HARD truth that no one else wants to:
    This situation we are in is impacting everyone (c-suite down to entry level), and some, unfortunately, worse than others.
    We all know the facts.
    But what do you do from here?
    What can you do from here? Are you supposed to just feel doomed until the coast is clear?
    My coaching sessions the past couple weeks have uncovered some real fear:
    "What’s your biggest fear when it comes to job searching right NOW?"
    All of my clients have said COMPETITION.
    They're seriously worried about all the people who are competing for the few jobs (there are more jobs available than you think!) that are posted. 
    You know what my response was to each of them? There’s ALWAYS been too much competition.
    Especially if your goal has been to work at a top company in your industry, competition has always been fierce.
    Here's a crazy stat for you: Google receives about 3 MILLION applications per year.
    Microsoft gets about 2 MILLION applications per year, according to Microsoft’s head of talent.
    Sure, you may not want to work at these tech companies (or maybe you do), but the point is competition has always been out there.
    The circumstances for the competition have obviously changed (more people need new jobs), but the competition has ALWAYS been there.
    So don't FEAR the competition.
    Think about it this way: you GET to stand out more than you ever have before.
    Don't hibernate and hide.
    There is opportunity here. GET AHEAD OF THE PACK! job competition
    Because once restrictions are fully lifted, close to 10 million people will be looking for a new job. And even more than that will be looking to change careers.
    So with all that, what should you do?
    - Get clear on what you want
    - Create an action plan that will ultimately boost your confidence
    - Know how to talk about yourself
    - Get your personal brand seen
    - Network with the right people!
    Invest in your career goals so that when everyone else who hid behind their rock crawls out after this pandemic, ready to look for a new job, you’ll already be prepared — or maybe, already in a new job yourself.
    We are going to be here for a little while. 
    There’s an opportunity cost here. And the cost is either:
    * Do nothing
    * Apply to hundreds of jobs without any real focus
    * Settle or take a step back
    * Focus on all you CAN'T do and waiting for a change to magically happen
    If I looked around at everyone else before I made a move from each of my jobs or into career coaching...
    I never would’ve gotten my engineering jobs moving swiftly into management because people appreciated my different points of view.
    I never would’ve became a career coach because no one else looked like me.
    I never would’ve done most of the things I’ve been able to do because everyone said it would be hard or impossible.
    But, we can do hard things (I tell my son this daily as we push through tough workouts!).
    Now it's up to you to get buckled up and get started. The question is: Will you have the guts to do it? Will you be the rebel that succeeds?
    I believe in YOU!