Crafting an AWESOME Elevator Speech

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    If you’re using the power of networking in your job search (which I highly recommend you do!), then you may have heard the term ‘elevator speech’ somewhere along the way. The concept is simple: it’s a speech that’s concise enough to be delivered in full in the time it takes to ride an elevator - typically 25-35 seconds. 


    As a job seeker, you’ll be giving your elevator speech a lot, especially when networking at events - even when the interviewers ask "tell me about yourself" (the dreaded question!)


    Here’s a quick look at how to create one that will get you noticed:


    The Basics of an Elevator Speech


    Start with your first and last name, a handshake, and an “It’s nice to meet you!” They’ll likely return the favor, which will open up the conversation for the rest of your speech.


    Short Summary

    Give a BRIEF summary of your background and experience (like 1-2 sentences). You don’t want to rattle off your whole resume, but you should talk about your most recent job or company, awards, or strongest selling points. Make a list of these items, then choose which ones you want to include in your summary.

    Sample Elevator Speeches

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Once you write your elevator speech, start practicing. Say it out loud to see how it sounds. Tell it to a spouse or family member. What looks good on paper doesn’t always sound great when spoken, so tweak it as needed. You need to memorize it and time it so that you’re always prepared to share it when the opportunity arises.