What Do I Need to List on an Executive Resume?

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    It’s time: you’ve paid your dues by working long hours, having a less-than desirable office (I'll take the one below!), and taking orders. Now it’s your turn to shine in an executive position. You have the mindset, skills, goals, and experience. All you need is a standout resume that will support your claim for the position.

    executive office

    But with years of experience and myriad skills, what do you really need to include on this resume? What will give you the best chance of being chosen for the job?

    What do hiring managers really care about?

    Here’s how you can tailor your executive resume to win in the ever-changing job market:

    Don’t Just Update Your Existing Resume

    Adding to whatever is on your current resume works fine for mid- or entry-level jobs, but it won’t earn you a spot in the executive suite. Rather, your content should focus on goals, results, strategies, and results (yes, we said results twice because it’s that important). You should also emphasize how you fit into the executive ecosystem with a powerful summary on what you could bring to the position. Skip the generic talk that pretty much anyone else could say about themselves and make it unique!


    Prove Your Business Impact

    Decision makers that are tasked with filling executive roles should approach their resume as a business case. Think about what the company leaders are looking for in an executive: in most cases, the answer will be driving profits and growth. You’re not going to get anywhere by being a good human being, but rather by the impact you can potentially make on the company.

    Your entire message should center around impact. Include metrics on how you contributed to growth in your last job, or the direct results of decisions you made. Make these items bold so there’s no chance they go overlooked.

    Look the Part in Your Resume!

    First impressions are everything when you’re on the job hunt, but this applies even more for executive roles. Your resume should look like a future executive’s resume to earn your chance to prove yourself in an interview. When this happens, half the battle is already won!

    Does your resume look like it should belong to an executive? Schedule a consultation today and upload your resume to start creating a resume that is worthy of a place in the C-Suite!