Executive Resume Writing Trends for 2020

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    Executive resume writing is more than a great format, measured achievements and branded storytelling. A Glassdoor research study shows that the average job posting online attracts 250 resumes. That means there are 249 or more people out there competing with you. So how are you standing out? How are you showing the value you have added and can add to other organizations? 


    Here are some tips that can put your executive resume at the top of the pile:


    1. Metrics are still incredibly important
      Your top accomplishments at the last few jobs should reflect the three to five key executive data"superpowers" you offer as value points (think divisional turnarounds, digital transformations, mergers and acquisitions, strategic growth plans and so on). Most importantly, remember to script all your accomplishments so that they begin with the metric or impact, not an action.

    2. Keep it short and simple
      Believe it or not, the simpler and easier to read, the better. Yes, one of the most difficult things about writing a C-level resume yourself is knowing what to say and what to leave out, right? After all, you have accomplished so much and had such an exciting journey. How does one interject the kind of objectivity needed in a marketing document? Find a couple ideal job positions online or through a recruiter. Highlight the key points that match you, then make the statements your own with the details of your accomplishments.

    3. Create consistency
      Understanding how LinkedIn and your executive resume play off each other is incredibly important. These two pieces of marketing material should complement one another. You want to set the same perception across all of your career documents, so use the same keywords and offer similar summaries. Many people want to make one fancier than the other and that causes confusion when reviewing these documents. Don’t make people question you!

    4. Show you are an executive who can lead a company into the future as an effective social enterprise
      According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report, companies are wanting to increase revenues and maximize profits while supporting the environment and stakeholders’s values. Craft your resume achievements to reflect these traits sought after by forward-thinking companies.

    5. Embody the soft skills to develop teams and structure profitability woman-executive
      Ensure your executive resume reflects the wins you have accomplished in building empowered teams, collaborating effectively with other divisions and striking profitable business deals. Soft skills are more important over technical expertise as you rise up in organizations.

    These tips should definitely help you build an effective executive resume into 2020 and beyond as well as offer proven techniques to implement now. Knowing the trends is a great way to stay on top.