How Do I Get Hired?

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    A few months ago, this was a valid question.
    Our lives were shaken in ways we never expected. Everyone from employers to employees to students to parents to kids....we all needed to figure out how this pandemic would impact our every day lives.
    If you were constantly wondering if companies were still hiring, you weren’t alone.
    But now, more than 6 months into this new "norm", if you’re still asking if companies are still hiring, you’re asking the wrong question. get hired
    If you’re asking that question, you’re not doing your due diligence.
    If you simply do a search for jobs online, you’ll find that there are still job openings posted every single day — even more than when this chaos started.
    So if you’re still wondering if companies are still hiring, (I'm going to be blunt with you) that tells me that you’re not looking in the right places — because those who are looking know that companies are STILL HIRING.
    Instead of asking are companies still hiring, the best question you need to be asking yourself is, “How do I get hired?”
    This question puts YOU in charge of the job search.
    Last time I checked, this is your career, right? By asking this question, you consider all the possibilities, options, resources and ideas that could help you improve your chances of landing a new job right NOW.
    Things such as....
    1. Figuring out how to stand out and propel yourself ahead of others
    2. Getting your mind right - speaking kindly and boldly to yourself
    3. Discovering new roles and companies where your skills and experience would be useful and valuable
    4. Finding out how to connect with the right people so that you find out about more opportunities quickly. All while adding value to them...not just being in this for you
    5. Choosing to get the right support and guidance so you can show up as a top candidate and not fumble through the Google and LinkedIn content mess to find any opportunities that do come your way
    And, this is just a short list of things you could be doing to improve your chances of getting hired right now.
    “How do I get hired?”
    It’s a simple question.
    But, asking yourself this question instead of just wondering if companies are hiring, or blaming the pandemic, gives you the power to make this happen for you rather than waiting for something to happen to you.
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