How Long Should I Wait For a Job Offer?

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    Great advice right? Ok, my job is done here. wait for job offer
    Alright, let's try again. When job hunting, you WILL have multiple rounds of interviews before a company extends an offer - just expect that! But you may be wondering - how long after an interview is a job offer made?
    Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer. Each company has a different hiring process. So, let's unfold what we do know and what YOU can do to understand the process and not be waiting... and waiting... and waiting for a response. Remember, you are in control. 
    After your first interview at a company, ask the hiring manager or recruiter how many rounds of interviews you can expect. Then you know when you are nearing the end of the process. 
    I know this may sound old-fashioned still to this day, but send thank-you notes to everyone who interviewed you and send within one day of the interview. An email will do, but think about this....who doesn't like getting a nice card in the mail these days?
    One of the biggest questions I get asked is when do I check in with the hiring manager or recruiter? First of all, make sure before you leave their presence in the last interview, ask what the next steps are - "can I expect to hear from you on Thursday or Friday this week, and will it be via email or phone?" This forces them to provide you with definitive answers. In regards to following up after? Wait 2-3 business days and then reach out, (with grace), to as when you can expect a response. 
    If you haven't heard a response after a week, reach out again and ask if you could receive a response via phone either way. No one wants to be rejected from a potential job, but it's always better than being left in the dark. 
    One thing to take away from this article is to not wait around for one or two interview responses! KEEP GOING! The worst case scenario is you end up with 3+ offers and YOU get to choose which one is best for you!
    Now, if the hiring manager or recruiter says they want to hire you, be patient, but again, don't get too excited yet. Sometimes it may be awhile before a key decision maker is back in the office or has time on their calendar to review you. FYI - many companies will extend a verbal offer prior to a written one. If this happens to you, make sure to again, not wait on that offer....keep going with your job search....and ask politely which day you can expect the written offer to review. 
    As a job seeker, I want you to have patience and not get emotionally attached. I know how hard it is - you are desperate to get out of your current situation (whether it's to find a new job because you were laid off or get out of a company that is treating you poorly or where there's no advancement opportunities), but this process DOES take time. 
    If you are having a hard time, think out of the box! Sometimes the BEST opportunities come from considering a new position or industry.