How Silent Reflection in the Morning Sets You Up for Success

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    A moment of silent reflection before you start the day or head into the office, will always serve you well (and those around you!)

    I know you're busy, running around and trying to make big things happen...

    But I'm asking you to give yourself a moment, even if it's just sitting down for 10 minutes to grab a coffee, journal, or going for a brisk walk around the block before you take on the day! silent reflection

    Give your mind, body and soul a chance to feel centered and grounded, because all your power comes from feeling certain and in control. And we can't always control what goes on out there in the world... but we can control what goes on inside our internal world.

    Give yourself the gift of time, give yourself a chance to clear your mind and focus on the day ahead and prepare yourself for what comes next.

    Make your intentions clear and start walking into each new day with a sense of power and purpose within... because it is that energy that the universe, opportunities and people are attracted to the most.

    STOP running around and being "busy" - busy-ness might look good in the movies - watching people hurry down the street with a coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other while talking on their phone via bluetooth ... but it's always better to take your time, wake up earlier and be in total and ABSOLUTE control of your time and your energy.

    Sit down, take out your journal and write, think about your life and the day ahead and maybe giving yourself a bit more time each day might allow you to meet someone for a coffee or tea and connect... which is always good for the soul. 
    meet for coffee
    This is your life, so start creating the life you actually WANT to live and start doing things your way. YOU are the most important person and you have to give yourself time to work out what that actually looks and feels like and you have to also allow time for those things which empower you and nourish your soul.

    Have an amazing day!