Why Having an Updated LinkedIn Profile is Important

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    LinkedIn has quickly become the job seeker’s best friend, both for building their professional network and for finding job postings. But simply having a profile on LinkedIn isn't enough to take advantage of its core benefits. Your profile is a living, breathing testament to your professional life and should be updated with every job, achievement, award, certification, or skill.

     update linkedin simple Take a look at these four reasons why you’ll want to go update your LinkedIn profile right now:

    1. Your Profile Reflects Your Personal Brand

    LinkedIn has become the ultimate branding tool for job seekers and currently employ professionals alike. It's your voice to connect with members of your community, increase your visibility, and highlight your expertise. When recruiters look at it, your profile is your first impression, so make sure it reflects the brand that you're trying to create for yourself.

    2. It Helps You Rank in Internet Searches

    Many recruiters will Google your name to learn more about you.  LinkedIn profiles tend to appear at the top of search results pages, so having your profile active and up-to-date can help you rank higher!

    3. Recruiters are Looking for You

    If your profile is on LinkedIn, you can rest assured that it's fair game for recruiters to find you. Even if you're not actively looking for a job, recruiters are looking at you to see if you would make a good addition to their team.

    If you are looking for a job, an updated profile will put your most current skills in the best possible light and give you a better chance of attracting the right recruiter's attention.

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    4. Your Profile Established Credibility

    Your LinkedIn profile is a portfolio of your work history, skills, talent, and recommendations from others (a more detailed resume). The more up-to-date and complete your profile is, the more credible you appear to recruiters.

    Recruiters aren't likely to contact somebody that hasn't updated their profile in months or has nothing new to say.

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    Maybe your LinkedIn profile is missing some key elements. Or, maybe it's been awhile since you updated your profile and you don't really know what else you can add to build your credibility.

    Whatever the case may be, let us help you create a standout LinkedIn profile that recruiters can’t help but notice. Reach out today for a free consultation and start putting your best foot forward on LinkedIn!

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