Tips to Improve the Talent Acquisition Process

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    Companies are experiencing a talent shortage in most every industry right now!

    Employment rates are at a decade high. Information about roles and employers are also incredibly available and candidates aren't bound by geography anymore these days. Talent is this today's most pressing business challenge.

    Having high-performing talent in your company can make all the difference between winning and losing, as top talent has a disproportionate impact on anything from innovation to speed to market to adaptability in the face of chaos. In complex roles requiring many interactions and multiple flows of information, these top performers can drive up to 800% more results than the rest of the workforce, per McKinsey & Company. talent acquisition

    The whole talent acquisition industry has been changing under the pressure of high expectations. Recruiting teams are starting to operate like marketing and sales, and talent executives are expanding their scope of influence. All this is great, but this much change brings both risk and opportunity to the market. Agile teams can quickly climb to the top and compete for the best candidates, and players who dominate a space today can drop to the bottom of the list instantly.

    HOW DO WE WIN? It's about presenting candidate experiences that TOP talent expects!

    In such a competitive setting, every aspect of the recruiting experience matters. If the employer brand is misaligned over different channels, if the career site is hard to navigate or if the application process is long and arduous, it places the company behind competitors who offer a truly incredible experience, with minimal wasted effort from the candidate. Think about it, if applying for a job at a given company is in any way confusing or inconvenient, top talent will look elsewhere.

    If you're a recruiter, the goal is to give candidates that same delightful and unobtrusive journey that they get from leading consumer brands. Right?

    But where do you start?

    1. Make sure you understand COMMUNICATION

    Many candidate experience issues stem from lack of or poor communication from talent acquisition and recruiters. Stand out and follow up with your candidates, even if there isn't any new information. People want to be informed. Being left in the dark is scary; so be that light, that hope for them throughout this daunting process. 

    2. Organize your data

    Talent leaders might think that discussing how candidate data is organized in the company is too granular, but it is actually one of the most effective drivers of success. If you don't have a place where all candidate data is held, it is hard for your team to hold a single, continuous, targeted conversation with them. I would hope that your talent acquisition organization hopes to offer the same hyper-targeted experiences that consumer brands are great at - so set higher standards for your data infrastructure! 

    3. Make sure you have measurable processes in place

    Think about it. Operations has processes and metrics. Accounting has processes and metrics. Quality has processes and metrics. Talent organizations/departments need to have solid, measurable processes in place if you want to quickly attract top talent

    Once all talent acquisition activities are in one system, your team has the infrastructure needed for world-class recruiting experiences.

    Make sure you as a talent leader are analytical with recruiting activities. When data around costs, engagement, event attendance, conversion rates and offer acceptances can all be brought together in a single database, the value of the insights that can be drawn from it is exponentially higher.

    Now what?

    To stay competitive, talent leaders will need to reexamine what helps them deliver the most value to the rest of the business and enable their teams to prioritize it. Candidates need that excellent experience - as they will relate their experience back to your brand. 

    How are you and your talent acquisition team staying competitive and attracting top talent?