Job Search Rejection - What does that mean?

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    You're not the only one.

    One of my clients told me last week, with an exhausted sigh, “I just hate rejection.”

    I paused and imagined the rejection he had experienced in his job search and that was now flooding his mind. And probably on repeat.

    He's not the only one. I hear you -you get excited. You work on your cover letter. Touch up your resume. Fill out the long application. Hope it gets seen. Keep your eyes glued to your inbox. Wait. Wait. And, wait some more. The email finally comes. Oh clockwork - and just like that, you’ve been rejected. Once again. Did they even LOOK at your application? Do they not know how amazing you are? job search rejection

    That’s how my client felt, and rejection was weighing on him. Just like it might be on you, too.

    Guess what? I'm here to tell you something: 


    And, fearing the inevitable makes the job search process much worse.

    Rejection doesn’t keep you stuck, the FEAR of rejection keeps you stuck.

    I need you to know - Rejection is unavoidable — Everyone will not like you. You will not be invited to every party. Every interview will not accept you as the best candidate, nor will you find every job to be the best for you.

    Because fearing rejection is the problem, it keeps you complacent, small, safe but unhappy, right? It makes you settle, wait and procrastinate.


    While there ARE things you can do to reduce rejection...

    Rejection isn’t happening because you’re not good enough, qualified enough, smart enough, connected enough, or any other enough.

    It’s RARELY ever an attack on your character.

    The fear of rejection is about your mindset. How you view yourself. Do you view yourself as being of-value to a company? Do you know that you have to be rejected to be accepted in the job search process - repeatedly?!

    Start to accept that rejection IS a part of the process.

    Because the fear of rejection is worse than rejection itself.

    Read that 20 times, if you must. stand out job search

    P.S. While rejection is a part of the process, if you're constantly getting rejected in your job search, you CAN fix that. You don’t have to accept constant rejection, especially if you know you’re qualified for the roles. Use rejection as redirection and choose to approach your job search differently. Decide to get to the bottom of what you’re doing wrong so you can do things better.

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