Do You Need More than One Resume?

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    Perhaps you already know the value of tailoring your resume for each job or employer you apply to. But does this mean you need more than one resume in your job-seeking arsenal?

    The answer can be a bit complicated.

    multiple resumes

    It largely depends on the job(s) you’re applying for and what the company asks for. There’s a difference between having more than one resume and having to tweak your existing resume for the job or company. Let’s look at a few key factors so you can decide which way will leave you better prepared.

    Separate Resume vs. Customized Resume 

    When you’re applying to different, yet similar, jobs within the same industry, you should use the same resume and make a few minor changes to the content for each application. This is fairly common practice and is considered customizing your resume to match the job.


    Having a separate resume is different. In this case, the majority of the content on one resume will be different than another resume. Think of it as a completely different version of your resume that is best suited for a specific job or use case.

    When a Separate Resume Makes Sense

    Having separate resumes makes sense in some instances. For example, if you’re applying to different jobs that require vastly different types of experience or skills, then you’d want a separate resume for each one. Or when you are looking to change careers - one will be for your most recent job/experience, and the other can be focusing more on transferable skills for a different job or industry.  

    For example, let’s say you’re a welder but are considering a position as a Quality Control technician. You may benefit from having a resume tailored for welding jobs and another resume designed for a Quality Control role. The two jobs have different priorities and skill sets, but your experience could easily land you either job. It depends on how you present yourself on paper.

    Separate resumes don’t have to be 100% different from each other, but they won’t be nearly identical, either. Each version of your resume will focus on specific skills, goals, and priorities that are directed toward the job itself.

    How to Manage Multiple Resumes

    When you have multiple resumes, you need an easy way to manage them and ensure the right recruiter gets the right version. It helps to name your files in such a way that you’ll recognize the version immediately with no extra effort.

    As always, you’ll want to review the resume before sending it to a prospective employer to ensure your content meets their criteria. You still may need to make some changes before sending, but at least you’ll be most of the way there.


    Need help creating multiple versions of your resume? Reach out today for a consultation and learn how to put your best foot forward, no matter the job!