Negotiating a Raise

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    I've been there.....

    Waiting for your boss to recognize all your hard work and offer you more money when review time comes around? Don’t hold your breath! While most people would agree that raises are earned, the reality is that they don’t often happen without a little negotiation and prodding on the employee’s part.

     Negotiate a raise The good news: the right techniques can go a long way in increasing your payday. Let’s cover a few do’s and don’ts when asking for a raise:

    DO: Track Your Achievements

    If you want a raise, you need to prove you deserve it. Make a list of extra responsibilities you’ve taken on, major accomplishments, awards, and other details that will add to your value.

    DON’T: Compare Yourself to Your Coworkers

    This isn’t a time to bring down those around you. It’s a weak argument, and you won’t look good in the negotiation process. Instead, focus on why you deserve a raise instead of pulling others into the conversation.

    DO: Have a Number in Mind

    Prepare for your boss to ask how much of a raise you were thinking. If this catches you off guard, your boss might think you haven’t really done your homework. I always suggest heading to to determine your worth in the market.

    DON’T: Let Emotions Get the Best of You

    Stay in control of the conversation. If you give into emotions, you’ve lost the debate. While hearing “no” may not be what you expect, you still need to stay professional (just one more way to show why you deserve a raise!). Just remember.....a "no" isn't forever. It may just be a "not-yet". 

    DO: Consider Perks and Benefits

    A raise doesn’t always come in the form of a higher salary. Think about the total package, such as bonuses, extra perks, or monetary incentives. They all add up and can make a big difference on your total income.

    salary perks

    If you think you deserve a raise (and why wouldn’t you?), there’s
    nothing wrong with asking. The worst they can say is no, but you never know until you ask. And asking the right way will give you a much
    better chance of getting what you want.


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