How to Overcome Boredom to Improve Success

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    Boredom affects us all. At home. At work. In most every aspect of our lives. Especially if we have routines in place and don't change them. Driving the same route to work. Having the same foods day in and day out. Doing the same tasks in the same way at work -each. and. every. day. BORING!

    What causes boredom? It's most likely a result of overusing the logical side of your brain and underusing the creative side. When you do not balance the use of both, you can feel restless and dissatisfied with life. 

    So how in the world do you overcome boredom? Especially when this world needs structure and routine to operate?

    CURIOSITY. It helps you discover amazing things about your life and what you can do now and in the future. 

    Yes, it's good to have schedules and routines. Heck, those are what have made me successful, along with many others in this world over the years. I believe in them at work, for children, for wellness and health. But when you let routines and schedules control your life (and others'), you suffer from boredom and don't allow creativity to reign for awhile. 

    Your instinct to explore should grow into an instinct for inquiry. 

    The problem for SO many people is that they stop being curious about new experiences as they assume responsibilities. Just look at a child - their sense of wonder and awe is incredible. But if you go too far with creativity and lack of structure and routine, chaos exists. It's a healthy balance that must be achieved.

    Boredom can also be a lack of challenge from living in your comfort zone. How many of us, as we get older, are more cautious about stepping out of our comfort zone. In fear of what? Change is good people! Setting monthly challenges for yourself can stimulate your mind. change be different

    For example, instead of working out in the morning, try working out in the afternoon or evening. Or investigate a new route to work. How about taking 5-10 minutes in the middle of your day to doodle? This is one that I LOVE! Doodling actually gives a break to parts of the brain, making it possible to absorb and retain more information. Try it. 

    Challenge yourself. Design the best you. And remember, boredom is a GREAT opportunity to pursue something that makes you come alive. You'll never know what you find!