Lost Touch? Here’s How to Reconnect with People in Your Professional Network

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    You worked hard to build your professional network, but then life happened and you fell out of touch. You know that professional relationships need to be nurtured, but does that mean your forgotten business friends are gone for good?

    In a word, no! Reconnection is an option, as long as you approach it the right way. Here are three ways you can reach out again and put all those former connections to good use:

    1. Connect via Twitter and/or LinkedIn

    Social media is king when it comes to reconnecting people who have fallen out of touch. Since this is a professional connection, it makes sense to use the professional’s network, LinkedIn. Twitter is also a great opportunity for professionals, as many will make posts related to their work on the platform.

    On LinkedIn, you can personalize your connection request and let them know why you want to connect. For Twitter uses, follow your person and then either retweet or reply to something of they posted to get their attention.

    2. Find Mutual Connections

    Do you and your lost connection have any mutual friends? If so, enlist their help on bridging the gap. Let them do a reintroduction either via LinkedIn, email, or even in-person at a business function.

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    3. Share Something Valuable with Them

    Never underestimate the power of a gift! Be it a blog post or online resource, use it as a foothold to re-establish your connection. It shows you were thinking about them and their needs, not just trying to reconnect for your own purposes. They’ll be much more likely to respond to a professional gesture if it also brings them value.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Reconnect!

    If you’ve lost touch with someone who can help your career, don’t be afraid to reach out. If you left things in a good place, chances are they’ll not only remember you, but also be just as eager as you are to reconnect and help each other.


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