How Do You Contact Recruiters on LinkedIn?

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    You don't have to wait for recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn — instead, go straight to the source!

    Taking the initiative to reach out to recruiters can do wonders for your job search, as long as you do it correctly. Use these best practices to make sure you're not killing your chances at earning their attention in a good way.                                 


    1. Double Check You Have the Right Person

    The best way to find recruiters on LinkedIn is to do a search for your industry followed by the word “recruiter.” For example, if you’re in sales, you would search for Sales Recruiters. You can filter the results by location and company, too.

    However, you also need to make sure they’re the right person to talk to. They may have moved on to a different role or company and not updated their profile (see Step #2).

    2. Connect Outside of LinkedIn First

    Though it seems counter-intuitive, LinkedIn isn’t always the best place to make that first connection. Instead, try to find the recruiter on Twitter and follow them. This not only brings familiarity to your name when you connect with them on LinkedIn, but it also helps you verify their company and role. If you verify their job or company on Twitter, try Facebook.

    3. Send a Personalized Request to Connect

    Don't just connect on LinkedIn, but include a personal message (<--- FREE DOWNLOAD!) instead. Let them know why you want to connect, find common ground like a mutual connection or location, and request to connect. Recruiters will be much more likely to accept if you give them a reason.

    Get Help Using LinkedIn the Right Way!

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