Steps to Making Progress Amidst Chaos at Work

    2 min read time

    How many of us leaders have had to calm the nerves of those around us at work? It's our job - to bring order to chaos, give our people hope and then get them on the same path that ends in success.  uncertainty

    Here are four tips to help bring order to chaos in the workplace:

    1. COMMUNICATE (over and over and over)

    As I tell my husband and kids over and over- communicate, communicate and then communicate the same thing AGAIN. 

    People hate the unknown. How many of us have been in a situation where management was hiding information from us, whether it was good or bad? We start to get stressed and anxious - not knowing what to expect. So my suggestion is to communicate what you KNOW, what you DON'T KNOW and WHEN you will know information. 

    These three things put people at ease and can reduce the level of uncertainty and the associated stresses levels (which we want to keep our people as healthy as possible!). 

    2. Explain your plan

    As much of it as you can (confidential information obviously needs to remain confidential). When people know why you are making the decisions you are making, you will most likely get some decent buy-in and not get a ton of questions. 

    Remember, transparency breeds trust and in uncertain times, trust is a great commodity to have.

    3. Be positive 

    I know it's virtually impossible to be positive all the time - I mean we are human and have rough days, right? Well, as a leader, it's your job to show your people that they can have confidence in you during times of uncertainty.

    Our employees may not know what the solution is or even where to start, but they need to be certain that they have someone who will define the way forward and assist to achieve it. As leaders, we need to project confidence to help build that trust. 

    4. Create and celebrate small wins

    Of all the things that can boost work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work. These quick wins need to be meaningful and celebrated often, as that will help to boost confidence, increase morale and create momentum.

    Another quick note: We need to be visible, positive and engaged, to keep morale and motivation moving in the right direction. Don't go and hide in your office. Be available as much as possible. 

    Leading in times of uncertainty can be difficult, but we need to remember it can be even more difficult for our teams, and they are looking for us as strong leaders to guide them and lead them to success.