4 Steps to Your Next Successful Performance Review

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    You’ve waited months for this moment—the chance to prove your worth to your boss and get to the next step in your career.

    Let me break it to you...

    You won’t get what you want if you don’t prepare. In fact, your review will ONLY go well if you get organized and collect all your information before the talk (and NOT the night before!).

    So, with that in mind, here’s what you need to do to put yourself in a great position for a productive conversation that will get you ahead in your career and get you on your boss’ good side.

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    1. Collect Your Recent Accomplishments

    Think you deserve a raise? Don't we all?!

    It’s incredibly important to state your case by presenting your accomplishments (including how much money you’ve made for the company, the skills you’ve learned, the relationships you’ve built, and the projects you’ve completed) since your last review.

    Here is an easy worksheet to use to get you started. 

    2. Review Your Current and Future Goals

    Is this your first performance review with the company? If so, what were the original goals set with your manager upon hiring? If this isn't your first review, did you set goals at your last review? Or, do you have some personal ones of your own?

    Either way, performance reviews are a great time to look back at what you were hoping to accomplish and see if you actually did them!

    If you met your goals, make sure you note of what you learned along the way. In addition, think about which ones are you most proud of, and how can you build on those in the future. 

    And if you didn’t achieve them, how far did you get? Did your priorities change? What held you back? What can you do differently going forward?

    Now, let's also think about into the NEXT review. You'll want to have these questions ready for your manager to ensure even MORE success at the next review (plus, PRO TIP - These are great to have on your resume!):

    • What skills would you like to master by your next review?
    • What responsibilities do you want to take on?
    • What projects are you passionate about pursuing?
    • What weaknesses would you like to improve upon?
    • What goals would you like to continue to build on?
    • What role do you want to shoot for one to three years from now? What can you do now to put yourself in the running?

    3. Prep for a Hard Conversation

    This may be a tough time for you. Perhaps you are nervous, overwhelmed, stressed, bored, feeling like you are in a toxic environment and your boss will bring up some serious concerns. 

    Or, (many of you don't think of THIS) perhaps it could be a normal review on your manager’s end, but YOU are going to have to raise your hand to discuss bigger issues.

    For example, now is the PERFECT time to talk about the fact that you’re bored and maybe need new challenges. Or maybe you'd like to transfer to a different department. 

    Having these types of conversations is hard! But being prepared makes them a bit easier. *Need some assistance? Schedule a FREE call!

    4. Celebrate!

    This is the step that almost everyone misses!

    Make sure you give yourself some credit for making it to this big milestone. Yes, ok, a performance review typically happens every year, and you may not even receive anything special except for a “Great work”, or "Good job" from your boss, but you’ve made it through what was probably a busy, exhausting, or even stressful time. Look back on it, pat yourself on the back for everything awesome you did, and know you’re going to do even MORE after this performance review.

    Just like interviewing, you have the stage. Use that stage wisely by preparing. And remember, no matter what happens, because you’ve prepared, you will surely handle this next performance review like a champ.