The TOP Tip for Being More Successful in Your Career

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    You're already thinking....another article on success. 

    Yes you're right! BUT....this one is different because I'm going to share the most important lesson you can EVER learn about success. And that lesson will help you skyrocket your career! If you take anything away from what I teach, let it be what’s in this article. 

    But before I dive into that important success lesson, I have a question...

    When’s the last time you drove a U-Haul? 

    Weird question, right? Well, I’m asking because if you have ever driven a big truck, especially one with a trailer, you probably know the amount of planning and anticipation it takes to turn in any direction (side note...I dated a guy years ago who had one of those big monster trucks and oh my goodness! The effort and planning it took to turn...whoa!).

    And because of that planning needed to maneuver, you probably had to know EXACTLY where you were heading....right?

    Well, I think the road to success like driving one of those big trucks. 

    When it comes to your career success, YOU'RE the one in the driver’s seat. 

    And you never get into the driver’s seat without knowing exactly where you’re going. So why should your path to career success be any different ladies and gentlemen?

    I can't stress this enough....If you’re operating without a clear idea about what you do, the value you add and why you are doing all the things, then I can tell you that you’re heading into the middle of nowhere.

    Here’s the number one thing anyone can ever teach you about career success…

    And it’s so basic that you all overlook it completely…

    You CANNOT sit around and wait! Your career is NOT something that just happens to you. 

    Sure, ideas will come and go. You’ll have bursts of motivation and inspiration that come seemingly out of nowhere!

    But too often people confuse those bursts of motivation with clarity and they end up sitting around waiting for big things to just happen to them. Like, "oh my goodness I have an AMAZING resume and LinkedIn now! All the hiring managers are going to be after me!" or "I just got laid off, but I know what I'm week, those hiring managers will be blowing up my phone because I'm valuable!"

    Until one day you all wake up and wonder where your career went...or if you even had one to start with.

    So remember this…

    • STOP waiting to make a wrong turn or have the perfect career path laid out for you. 
    • You have GOT to know where you’re going beforehand.

    Ya'll clarity isn’t something that just happens. Clarity is something you must SEEK OUT. career success

    If you feel stuck right now, you’re not alone and you CAN CHANGE IT.

    I have been telling you all this for awhile - the most successful leaders in this world ALL have a roadmap. Does it change here and there? ABSOLUTELY. But you have to start with something or you will go nowhere. 

    When you gain clarity about what you’re doing in your career AND most importantly WHY, I'm telling you - you'll start to see your career differently and you'll be more confident

    Here are a few areas you need to have clarity in order to have your BEST and most SUCCESSFUL career:

    1. Clarity of Your Purpose

    With knowing your purpose, or as I call it here at Vennessa McConkey Coaching - your Value-Add, you will have the motivation to keep moving forward no matter what obstacle. You know the significant value you add to companies and to the world.

    You also start finding true joy in your job and focus on serving others more than yourself.

    2. Clarity of Your Well-Being

    Yes, I focus on up-leveling your career, but you need to have a healthy mind and body so you are able to take on those crazy curveballs that WILL happen. 

    You need to make sure you are taking time out of each day to get your mind right and move your body. No good comes from stagnant minds and bodies!

    3. Clarity of Your Career Growth

    When you have clarity here, you will know where you’re headed and how to get there. You’ll find the long-term career success you’ve wanted. But you need to have a good understanding of your key contributions and how they play into that next role, and if there are any gaps (or things you need to work on), that you take the time, like actually schedule time in your calendar, to work on those skill sets. 

    You can't assume you simply deserve a position because of x years spent with a company or because your colleagues were similarly rewarded (we are designing the best YOU, not any one else!).

    Here’s the thing, everyone.

    If you’re ready for more than feeling stuck all the time…

    If you’re ready to go beyond the dreaming and get things done....

    Then you HAVE to get behind the wheel and get ready to take on the challenge.

    It’s not going to be easy, driving a BIG truck (like your entire LIFEnever is, but you’re going to be READY to hit the gas and GO once you know where exactly it is that you’re headed. Can I get a hand-raise?!

    So, if you’re ready to find the CLARITY you need to get unstuck in your career and go, book a call with me to discover how we can design the best YOU the world needs!