What You Need to Know When Trying to Find a Civilian Job After the Military

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    Maybe you’ve fought in combat or traveled overseas and experienced more than what most people see in a lifetime. But nothing you’ve done has prepared you for the battle of finding a civilian job.

    It’s a transition, but it’s NOT impossible to find a well-paying civilian career that’s suited to your skills, experience and interests. Here’s how you can prepare for this next chapter in your life:

    Let Your Military Experience Shine

    Many veterans believe there’s a stigma with hiring former military members. They think employers are reluctant to hire them, so they fail to talk about their military experience.

    The truth is, many companies are eager to hire former servicemen and servicewomen. Not only do they get a disciplined employee, but they may also qualify for a tax credit and other incentives.

    Translate Your Skills

    One of the biggest things veterans struggle with is finding a way to apply their military experience to the civilian workforce. Granted, you won’t be doing any hand-to-hand combat in the office or going behind enemy lines, but you will be able to put your problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation to the test.

    If you’re not sure how to tailor your resume for non-military employers, seek out someone that can help you create a stunning portfolio of your skills and accomplishments.

    Network with Other Veterans

    You’re not the first veteran entering the civilian job force, so find other vets who have found satisfying employment and get some inside advice. Ask them how they got their jobs, how to best promote your skills and experience, and even if their workplace is hiring.

    Work with a Career Mentor

    Bridging the gap isn’t always easy, nor will it come naturally to everyone. Jump-start your civilian success by seeking out a mentor who can help you create a resume, prepare for interviews, and explore career options. There are also online communities like USAA's Military Spouse Community and the Blue Star Spouse Networks


    At Top Line Resumes, we’ve worked with many veterans who are entering the civilian workforce for the first time and have assisted in helping them land the job they deserve. Connect with us for a free consultation to get professional job seeker services and find a job that speaks to you!