So is it classical or nature music that you should be listening to in order to improve your productivity? Well, different tasks are affected by different music. A variety of tasks are positively impacted, as long as they are controlled by the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Such tasks include planning, organizing, paying attention, controlling impulses and the working memory – the ability to hold recently learned information.

Think of exercise - this is one task that is positively impacted by the presence of upbeat music. Primarily, this is because the tempo can motivate you to keep moving to the beat, and it can even act as a positive distraction.

Overall, the presence of music DOES positively impact productivity, but it depends on various factors. So, what are your preferences? What task are you performing? Is the music the right beat, and how much attention do the lyrics demand? This may seem like a difficult combination of factors to perfect, but once you create the right playlist to fit your preferences, you might start to notice a shift in your productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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