Most Under-Utilized LinkedIn Feature

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    LinkedIn....what GREAT professional site for many reasons. First, you can connect with current colleagues and friends. Second, you have the opportunity to connect with NEW professionals through your current colleagues and friends. Third, you can find new job opportunities. Fourth, you can use LinkedIn to bring more leads in for your company or business. Overall, it helps you build a digital footprint, which is essentially your personal brand. Cool, huh?

    But what features do people miss out on? Well, my dear friend, Austin Belcak, owner and founder of Cultivated Culture, was recently interviewed by JobScan on what the most under-utilized LinkedIn feature is. Here is what he had to say:

    "Comments are easily the most underutilized LinkedIn feature. Everyone hears about optimizing your profile, but leaving comments on posts is one of the best ways to drive profile views in a way you can control. I’m not talking about comments like “love this!” or “great tips!” I’m talking about comments that create value and add to the conversation.

    Here’s my playbook:

    ➡️ Sign on to LinkedIn and scroll through your feed

    ➡️ Find a post from someone in your industry that’s less than 3 hours old and has decent engagement

    ➡️ Leave a thoughtful comment on that post

    ➡️ Rinse and repeat!

    If you leave great comments on the right posts, you’re going to shoot to the top of the comments section and be able to piggyback on their post views, creating some awesome visibility for yourself. If you want more views, you just need to go out and leave more comments!"

    Is it REALLY that EASY? ABSOLUTELY! Personally, I've added 100 connections in the past couple of months, 8 of those have assisted in clients landing new jobs! All because of commenting on posts, and re-sharing other connection's posts. 

    So make time to be on LinkedIn daily. Be wise and choose which posts you will comment on and "like" too.