5 Ways to Boost Immunity - Who Has Time to Be Sick?

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    You are a ROCKSTAR - on top of the world, building your company and team up like no one else can. The next minute, you’re buried under 12-inches of tissues feeling more like a baby wanting to hibernate for days. fight off cold at work

    The last thing you need is to come down with a cold or the flu. I get it — and that’s why it's important to ramp up your routine with immunity boosters. By taking steps to STRENGTHEN your system (and reduce stress!), you'll be able to recover faster, or maybe avoid getting sick altogether. 

    Whether you’re already sniffling and need a fast-track to feel better or wanting to take precautions (sorry, I can't babysit your kids to keep them away from you!), these simple tips to boost immunity are just what the doctor ordered…

    1. Drink Bone Broth

    This is my all time favorite - outside of water, bone broth is the BEST liquid for your body, even if you aren't sick! Bone broth (not stock) is rich in protein, healthy fats and essential minerals, and has been used for centuries to help support immunity. Studies show that the collagen in bone broth helps heals the gut, where a majority percentage of our immune system lives (major bonus if you have autoimmune diseases!).

    bone broth So what makes is so wonderful?

    How many of you drink coffee? I used to drink at least two cups a day and even more when I wasn't feeling well because I wanted that extra energy boost. But drinking too much coffee can actually deplete levels of B-vitamins, which help your body make neurotransmitters that regulate mood and stress. Glycine, a major amino acid found in bone broth, stimulates the production of glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant, and assists in purging toxins from the body. So when you switch over to bone broth, you are giving your brain nutrients it needs to function as opposed to tricking it into a state of alertness with caffeine. Plus, the minerals in bone broth are also highly bio-available, meaning it’s easy for the body to absorb them. I like to take my extra beef and chicken bones and make it myself most of the time, but if you don't have the time to do that, check out this brand.

    2. Prioritize Sleep!

    Oh I know this one is obvious, but it needs to be said. Sleep regulates the release of the ‘stress’ hormone cortisol, which then stimulates cells that boost the immune system. Without sufficient sleep, the body also makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation. Aim to get at least 8-hours when you aren't feeling well, and if you have a hard time winding down, try taking a soothing magnesium supplement like this one that I use (it's literally called the "anti-stress drink"). 

    3. Add in Probiotics

    Did you know that most of your immune system is rooted in your gut? Taking probiotics daily (either through a supplement or eating foods like kefir and sauerkraut) are great ways to maintain a balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive system, on top of eating a grain-free diet. 

    4. Sweat it Out!

    Research has shown that moderate exercise (30 to 90 minutes most days of the week) increases immune function and reduces your chances of catching a cold. Sweating is considered to be the body’s natural detoxification mechanism, which can be especially useful when you’re trying to keep your body clear of cold viruses, AND it's an effective stress reliever!

    5. Use Essential Oils

    Essential oils have been used for centuries to cure many ailments. If you have already started to get the sniffles, the following blend may be applied to your chest at night to lessen congestion and coughing (plus it smells amazing!):

    Mix the above into a clean, dark jar. Eucalyptus is very effective in battling congestion and coughing, while Thyme is a powerful antiviral. Lavender is also great at battling viruses and bacteria as well as promoting relaxation. 

    I want you all to be healthy and strong - your teams need you! But what is more important is that you take care of yourself FIRST. 

    What’s your go-to trick for boosting immunity? Share in the comments!